Friday, February 4, 2011

Wall Mart to open dental offices

Sounds strange?...maybe Utopian?,,,non of the above,sounds maybe "old school practice",.
Don't run to Wall Mart for treatment yet,..,maybe its coming in the near future,.
Would you smile about it now and maybe the taught sounds strange,but the idea is in testing.
Short history about this idea.Its not new at all,actually is over 70years old.
In the former socialist countries of Europe,private practice was not an option,.,group practices were the only viable ones.Companies,of course,government owned,had dental offices set up on the premises,where the employees had access to for treatment.
Any similarities????....What do you think?....Till then lets just smile.

selecting a dentist

These days selecting a dentist became a game of words and numbers flooding the Internet and review sites appear overnight like mushrooms after rain,claiming authority being the "best".
Have you ever thought about who stands behind these so called "review sites"? and what is their real goal?
If you ask them,their mission statement is to help consumers find a dentist,that is perfect from every standpoint,and they will do that by getting reviews from patients.
Look a little closer,...,most of the reviews are "anonymous", that a coincidence?
Its a different mechanism behind it,.They offer their services to dentist,of course for a fee,and using their words...."did you see those reviews,.,we are pushing them"
Legitimate or not,this is the reality.Interestingly,our governing entity,the state board of dentistry and the American dental Association has nothing to say about it,when they are the only entity, legitimately entitled to evaluate each dental professional.
So,if you pay,you will have great reviews,and of course,...,many.